Free Piano Sheet Music For Kiss The Rain By Yiruma

Here is the free piano sheet for Kiss The Rain by Yiruma. Below is a PDF file for downloading and printing and a video to confirm this is the song you are looking for. Enjoy!


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why can’t i down load this page. it saied “no upadte available” Such a beautiful song… Can you tell me if anything wrong with the link?
Thaank you!

I got it. I open it with photoshop.
THank you !

hmmm .. it doesnt work when i try and open it.

i love kiss the rain!!!

OMG love it, to that person above, try a computer that has Adobe Flash Player on it. That’s what I did and it worked!!!!!!!!!!! Keep trying, it’s a beautiful peice, (I think that is how you spell it). Have fun.

It is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!

does anyone know where i can get the orchestra version
of this peice?
thanks so much

i luv yiruma’s music!!!

wher is it

i love this song…….. i cant play this without a music sheet…. anyone please help me?

Wow i love Yiruma’s music but this is by far the best song ever written by him!!!! I wonder at times, if just maybe, he wakes up and just starts playing and writing things down as he goes. that’s what my grandmother used to do.

very nice song indeed..btw, do you know where to find the midi file for yiruma’s songs? i’ve been looking for “love me” and “indigo” .. i already have midi file for this song tho..anyone can help me with midi files? i’m not that good at listening coz i had just began playing piano for 2 weeks now and i’m learning it by midi file would help me a lot..i really love yiruma’s music and i want to learn his..
thanks =)
(sorry for my bad english)

luv yiruma very much…
i luv ALL of his songs..
wanna b like him!

good!! I can relate to this song!!

the same has happened for me … i can’t download it ..?
evem with adobe reader it won’t work …HELP ..!

hei how can i get the sheet ? i’m confused xD .. sorry

click the link above the video….

You can also download it here if you can`t open it:

I managed to use Adobe Reader, but only after downloading the Korean font, so that could be the problem maybe??

hey, yiruma is such a good piano player. i really want to be able to play like him. please can u send me a copy of that music sheet. :)

ahh i love this song but i cant find the midi file for it.
doees anyone have it or know where i can get it??

y i cant c the file tat u said??
about the PDF fie …
could u pls tel me how??
thx a lot…

you know what beautiful though the song is can you get your $hareca$h rubbish off and post the link in a proper hosting site that isn’t just a scam


~:~May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!~:~

Wow!!! a very beautiful music for reflection!!!

xtrmly tuchn…….BEST PIECE EVER PLAYD!!!!!!

love it much !

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