Piano Sheet Music For Linus And Lucy From Charlie Brown

Here is the sheet music for a classic piano song from Charlie Brown called Linus and Lucy. Below is a PDF file for downloading and printing and a video to confirm this is the song you are looking for. Enjoy!


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THANK YOU SO MUCH! *Free* Linus and Lucy sheet music = miracle

I’ve been searching for hours! Thank you so much for saving me the 5 bucks :P *kisses*

Edit: Okay, either I can’t read music or yours is a fraud. It sounds absolutely terrible! I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it but I know that’s not how Linus and Lucy is supposed to sound =\ A, E, Aflat? That’s not right.

okay then you obviously cant read music. i have personally played this music and it has sounded exactly like the sample video. take a closer look at the music and at the flats. and just for the record, your right, A E A flat is not right. thats because thats not what the music says. its A flat E flat A flat. so you obviously cant read music

Here again this is one of those things were somebody does something for you that has no proper word for it and they may never know just how much it is appreciated and so I say thanks but I hope you enjoy your new found success and reward.
This effort took a lot of patience and dedication so here’s a big hand for you and all concerned.

Support your local polka-band.


Thanks so much! I have been looking for this music…I am grateful :D

yeah; its right; its the exact song; even the solo in the C part is exact

its a hard tune to get just right; but once you get it swingin its just right

thank you so much! i have been looking for this sheet music for a long time, and this is perfect.


Thank you SO MUCH! I searched hours for free sheet music! All the rest are just BS stuff. I even got another artist too! Thank you!

Thank you so much! A nice easy form!!! I LOVE IT! This totally made my day. In fact, it made my week.

i have been searching and searching and searching for days on end! i cant beleive i finally found it! ….free…….printable…….original peice…..it’s amazing, everything else i find is in the key of C or in i think E, but this one sounds perfect, is written perfect. thnx a mill

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Ive looked at milllions of other sheet musics and NONE of them have been right! You have saved my life.

Thank you, thank you! I am so SICK of buying sheet music that never gets played or is too difficult to learn. Both my son & I play & there are a lot of cheesy sites or sites with music that is too hard, too easy or just doesn’t sound like the real song!

Thanks. This is a about as “Babybear” as it gets. Not too hard, not too easy, but just right.

on the right hand part of the main riff you have some problems with the rhythm but other than that good job

Thanks for the sheet music! My question is the “swing” section on “page 22″; I played it in A flat major as it’s written on the sheet music but it doesn’t sound right. Am I missing something? Other than that, I really appreciate you putting this up. I’ve been looking forever for the correct version of this song!

Thank you so much. Copyright blows.

Thanks a whole bunch! I absolutely adore this song… its just u don’t play that one solo part and I really need to know how that goes! But still I really really really appreciate the music! Dude Copyright soooo blows… and so does paying for the music! Thanks again! Kisses!

Thanks for the sheetmusic! Been wanting to learn this song.. You rock!

Thank you so much! I’m finally learning to play piano and this was one of the pieces I wanted to play. This came at the perfect time. Thanks again!

i was crying today. =’[
and then i found this website.
i found free sheet music.
now i am not crying. =D


I love piano and charlie brown so to be abile to learn this song ment alot to me!!! thx
love, Demi Lovato

Thank you so much! I have been searching for this sheet for a very, very long time. I am so excited about this and you also saved me the trouble of downloading and spending $5 for this. I live in Japan and my students love this piece!!!
Now they will flip with delight when I tell them the present I got for them. You are a true SAINT!

Keep up the good work!


this is really awesome

love this song thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

if you dont like this song your weird

you are my hero <3

as I read music I am finding it hard to follow this.I need to be able to print out the music so I can read it.

thanks so much! make sure to look at the key for the flats :)

sheet music looks good but god damn is that guy in the video ever terrible

Where does he start? At Middle C position?

Can any of you send the sheet music to my email please… I’ve been trying for a while but I can’t find anywhere that works… my email is soccerstarrr24@aim.com THANKS!

That’s me playing :)

Sorry for double posting, but

I played that off of the official sheet music which I purchased, so I know those are the exact notes. (I just made some tempo errors lol).

Keep up the great work! I’ve been looking for a long time fors this sheet music. Thanks a ton!

i mean like the 2nd page
i can only find the first

where is the pdf link? the link below goes to sheetmusicplus.

read the first page. we cant give out music free anymore. and in no place does it say free anymore so shutup and stop complaining.

i only asked where a link was. if this is the case you should remove the line ‘below is a PDF file for downloading’.

katie’s kinda got a point. u really should remove ‘below is a pdf file for downloading’. it’s kinda confusing. thx heaps for what you’ve done in the past anyway.

would you go through 400 posts, and manually remove that? that would take upwards of 25 hours. Thats how long it took me to switch it from free to payed. Now shutup and go to another site. If you want free music from this site, go to the home page and use control+find and search free. There are a select few free songs left and this will find them.

and honestly im getting real sick of all this negativity. you think i like doing this? i started this site to give out free transcriptions… if you read the first post, youll learn that people wanted to sue me. trust me i went as far as i could short of going to jail to keep this site open. im only 17 for gods sake. give me a break. im not removing the “below is a pdf” part. it would take to long. just suck it up and go to one of the other 50 free piano sites… (that im sure will get shut down in the future)

and if you dont want your comments deleted in the future… dont use language. there are 10 year old kids that use this site. your not impressing anyone by swearing over the internet.

I apologise on John’s behalf. I’m sure he meant that you should be sued AND sent to jail. Infringing copyright laws is a serious offence. I assume he also intended to write ‘your stupidity’.

This guy is really cute, and I love to watch a man play piano…even if he’s still practicing like this guy is with L&L

Hy, can I have the sheet of music of “Linus and Lucy” please ???

My daughter has been playing the piano for 3 yrs. now and would love to add this piece to her collection! I played it for her off of your website and I know I will get hours of enjoyment just listening to her play it. Please send it to my email. Thank you from a very proud mom!

I think the music sounds wonderful and gave me chills when I was just remembering the Charlie Brown shows when I was a little girl in the 70′s.

How do I download it.
I click on “charliebrown_linusandlucy” and it takes me to another site saying I have to buy it.
Can anyone help PLease

I would love a copy of this… My son has been looking for it to try and play it.

i dont know what the guy that says this is wron is talkin about..it sounds great and i too would love to get the sheet music………if someone could help that would be greatly appriciated….ive tried several free sites and cant find it..perhaps some kind hearted person could e-mail it to me,,,,asta!

Yes, could someone e-mail it to me, my email is subjectalpha2@gmail.com, id really appreciate it, i love this peice, but im broke from christmas shopping, and i want to get it for free.

can someone email it to me? i can’t find the pdf file :( i want to play this so bad

The webpage says free sheet music for the Linus and Lucy song, but I cannot find the link. When I do click on the link right under where it says to “enjoy!” it takes me to a page for paying a few dollars for it. Did anyone out there download this sheet music before it was stripped from the website, and if so, could you please email it to me? I would greatly appreciate it! john.milor@ang.af.mil

:( i cant find the link.

If you click on “Uncategorized, c” then on “Welcome To ModernPianoMusic.com” it takes you to a page where it says that this website is not operational anymore and gives you a link to a website that sells it.

I hope this ended your search.

P.S. how do you leave an emotocon?

I dont know what I’m doing wrong…but everytime I click on the link…it takes me to a place that is asking me to buy it. Am I clicking on the wrong thing? Sorry, I am not really good with computers…they tend to hate me XD

Is there anyway you could email it to me?

Hi guys! I’m a young pianist and I would like to have this piano sheet!! Is great!
Could someone of you send me it, or tell me where can I find it for free? It would be great!
Here is my e-mail if someone could send me it


Thank you! :)

I want it so bad.

Sigh. I was very happy when stumbling upon this, and then continued to read the posts and realized it had changed. I agree with the overstated remove the pdf link, as for the admin flying in and telling people to shut up and stop complaining. I find it to be extremely unnecessary and people need to calm down when one wishes only to ask a question or leave a suggestion. And it may be unfortunate that at the time the 17 year old Admin of the site was short of being sued, if indeed that is true and not an embellishment, however, don’t act like a stuck up kid and you won’t be treated as such. and P.S. No it does not take that long to remove that link.

My apologies, I forgot to add that the people that wanted to sue this person is the first place, or even thought it to be a good idea. get a life.

Since this site is no longer working I thought I would post where I just found the sheet music free. I hope this works for you! http://www.dailymusicsheets.com/piano/sheets/206/Charlie_Brown_Linus_And_Lucy.html

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