Beginner’s guide to welding

Welding is not something that should be done without proper preparations. But because it is not really a skill that is taught at schools, not everybody knows how to use the welding tools correctly.

Although far from being common knowledge, welding is a surprisingly useful skill for anyone interested in doing their own home repairs and home projects, DIY, or simply wants to earn some money as a side gig. We have prepared a short introduction to welding that should give you a rough idea of what this process is all about. For a more in-depth explanation, your best bet would be to purchase a thorough guide, such as ‘Welding for Dummies’. It will answer all of your questions about welding using simple language so that even someone who has never welded before will have no problems understanding it. With that said, here is our beginner’s guide to welding:

What is welding?

In the simplest terms, welding is a process whose goal is to join two pieces of metal together. These pieces of metal are fused using heat – the metals are melted and then put together. When they cool down, a permanent bond is formed. The welding process is used in many industries, mainly in construction and manufacturing.

There are a few distinct types of welding processes that are used for different applications. It is recommended that beginners start with the so-called MIG welding, which is a type of welding that uses metal inert gas, as it is the easiest to learn.

What tools are used for welding?

The most important tool for welding is a welder. You will also need an electrode. This is the part that transfers the electric current produced by the welder to the material you intend to fuse. Different types of welding use different electrodes.

Other commonly used tools are welding clamps. Welding clamps allow you to hold your project together to ensure proper fusion when welding. They come in different sizes and it is best to have a variety available. To position the project to your liking, you can also use welding magnets.

Other than the tools, you will also need proper safety equipment.

Welding safety

Welding requires you to operate with high temperatures, anywhere from 2000 to 10000 Fahrenheit. This is extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury. Welding also produces a bright light that can damage eyesight.

A welding helmet is essential as it protects both the face and eyes of the person welding. Newest models have an auto-darkening feature that adjusts your visibility automatically. It darkens when the helmet detects the bright light from the welder and then goes back to normal when finished. This allows you to see the effects of your work without having to take off the headgear each time.

You also want to protect other parts of your body from the flying sparks. Wear heat-resistant clothes (with long sleeves) that are certified to be safe when welding.

This is just a rough overview of how the welding process looks like and what it entails. If after reading this you think welding is a skill for you, get more information from guides written by welding experts.

Top 25 Best Free Piano Sheet Music Songs

Top 25 Best Free Piano Sheet Music Songs

Ok so this free piano sheet music site has been up for around 8 months now, and with all of the requests, it has accumulated a large collection of music. (Over 150 Free Piano Sheet Music Songs!) It has made leaps and bounds since it started in May of 2008. Because there is so much free sheet music here, it has become annoying to find music on the site. Don’t you wish there was just a list of the best music to pick from? Well now there is.

Top 25 Best Free Piano Sheet Music SongsWe have compiled a list of the Top 25 Most Popular Free Sheet Music Songs here on This list is based on many different factors, including views, comments, and downloads the free sheet music has had. One more thing, before this post gets 100 comments asking where to find the sheet music, we would like to say that the sheet music can be found by following the link This will take you to the original free sheet music post page. On this page, the links can be found either directly above or below the video. It is a small link so keep your eyes open.  So without further ado, here are the Top 25 Free Piano Sheet Music Songs!!!

  • 1 Bellas Lullaby, The Theme From Twilight
  • 2 Free Sheet Music For Viva La Vida by Coldplay
  • 3 Free Sheet Music For A Thousand Miles By Vanessa Carlton
  • 4 Free Sheet Music For Teardrops On My Guitar By Taylor Swift
  • 5 Free Sheet Music For If I Aint Got You By Alicia Keys
  • 6 Free Sheet Music For 100 Years By Five For Fighting
  • 7 Free Sheet Music For White Horse By Taylor Swift
  • 8 Free Sheet Music For Love Song By Sara Bareilles
  • 9 Free Sheet Music For White Houses By Vanessa Carlton
  • 10 Free Sheet Music For Augustana By Boston
  • 11 Free Sheet Music For Mad World By Gary Jules
  • 12 Free Sheet Music For Superman By Five For Fighting
  • 13 Free Sheet Music For Drops Of Jupiter By Train
  • 14 Free Sheet Music For Clocks By Coldplay
  • 15 Free Sheet Music For Chasing Cars By Snow patrol
  • 16 Free Sheet Music For My Immortal By Evanesence
  • 17 Free Sheet Music For Where’d You Go By Fort Minor
  • 18 Free Sheet Music For Bad Day By Daniel Powter
  • 19 Free Sheet Music For Your Song By Elton John
  • 20 Free Sheet Music For Amsterdam By Coldplay
  • 21 Free Sheet Music For Braveheart By James Horner
  • 22 Free Sheet Music For Piano Man By Billy Joel
  • 23 Free Sheet Music For The Office Theme Song
  • 24 Free Sheet Music For Glasgow Love Theme From Love Actually
  • 25 Free Sheet Music For Homecoming By Kanye West And Chris Martin

And thats it! I hope you enjoyed this awesome collection of the Top 25 Free Sheet Music from! Enjoy and dont forget to check out the rest of the site for tons great great music!